This artist box contains two handmade books. 

The box measures: 10.25" x 8.25" x 3"

The front has been inset with vintage glass set in a copper frame. Nordic knotwork designs sit across the top and bottom of the box in bands. The closure is a metal clasp. Behind the glass is the first book which can be accessed from the inside by opening a 'trap' door. The first book measures 1.75" x 1.5" x .35". It is covered in red goatskin and features a metallic compass on the cover. The pages contain portions of maps. 

The inside of the large box is lined with a dark silvery/taupe velvet. It contains a second book which measures: 6" x 4" x .70". It is covered in black silk and bound with copper rivets and copper book binders thread. It has varigated gold leaf on the cover with runes. The inside of the book is lined in red goatskin and resembles a journal with viking symbols, runes, knots, ACEo's, metallic inks, gold leaf, stamps, phases of the moon, cards, a compass, and pieces of maps. The paper used is BFK Rives and it is archival. These books/ box are a one of a kind. 


Voyage Artist Books and Box