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I walked.

The lighting was weird, like when a fire turns the world a hazy surrealistic orange.

I stopped.

A chair stood its ground on the sidewalk before me. Buildings, centurion like, surrounded me on all sides. To my left a small dilapidated house. 

The front door was open, and despite the overall feeling of unease I was drawn toward it. The shadow land of the creaky porch hid the old man. He watched. He smiled. The hair on the back of my neck stood as if ready to flee. My feet were frozen.

The whiskers on his chin caught the light, and his cold blue eyes cut through the underworld of the porch. His toothless mouth unhinged and emitted a cackle which unfroze my feet from their icy embrace. "Pull up a chair" he wheezed. I fell backwards into the frigid stale air of the house. 

There were chairs of all sizes, shapes, and forms stacked from floor to ceiling...and no way out. 

The door.

I flew through it, my feet never touched the porch. Flailing, knees ground into the sidewalk.

Slow motion under the eerie orange haze. The world was suddenly silent. 

I awoke sweating. Relieved.

It was only a nightmare. 

Outside the sky is an hazy orange. 


The uncanny.

The unfamiliar within the familiar.

The world of dreams.

The world of make believe, where anything is possible.

These are what inspire and drive me to create.

Although primarily a printmaker, the trappings of the uncanny mind are often more easily released through the

combined efforts of printmaking, paint, collage, metal, books, and glass. Let theme and color dance before you like a lucid dream.

Let yourself wander through my site and discover a variety of offerings from my world of The Uncanny. 




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Most of my prints are 'intaglio etchings' which means I use acid to etch my design into a zinc or copper plate. When the plate is to my satisfaction I push ink into the recesses of the plate, and run it through a printing press at high pressure with printmaking paper. The pressure pushes the paper into the recesses picking up the ink and transferring it to the paper. This intaglio process is basically the same way money is printed. 

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